JURNESS Organic Lavender Water Essence

Enriched Facial Nourishing Essence with natural ingredients, provides moisturizing, pore minimizing, anti-wrinkle, lightening Increased oxygen consumption to skin cells strengthening cells. Soothing and feeling relaxed with Organic Lavender Water. Suitable for all skin types, sensitive skin and acne prone skin

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Product Description

Organic Lavender Water from France

soothing & relaxing
Very good for the care of irritated skin or blemish-prone skin.
Laricyl®  (Mushroom Extract) from France
Minimize pores size by 40-50%*
Increase &maintain moisturising level on skin up to 24 hours.*
Test by Laricyl France
Fucogel ® (Biosaccharide Gum-1) from France

derived from Fucose
Increase Protein (Loricrin, Involucri ) in the skin by 76%*
resulting in healthier skin.Test by Fucogel France
Biobenefity ® (Artichoke leaf extract) from Japan
Inhibit effect of melanin production by 33%*
resulting in brighter skin.Test by Biobenefity Japan
Directions: Apply on your face twice a day,
in the morning and evening. Keep away from sunlight
and store at room temperature 25-35 ° C.


¨No Animal Ingredients ¨No Alcohol¨No Color
¨No Paraben ¨No SLS/SLES¨No Fragrance
                     Dermatogically tested   

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