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Non -ionic facial cleancer has PH 5.5 neutral and similar to human skin, so it will not irritate the skin and maintain the moisture balance of the skin. On the other hand, the foam cleanser is alkaline that can irritate the skin.

JURNESS wish you all to be beautiful confidently.

5 reasons why we have sensitive skin

Not only the good quality water-resistant powder , how to apply it is also very important.

Plant the tree, stop using Foam packaging, close the water tap when brushing teeth, use cloth instead of tissue.

1. pat on the face 2. fill in the spray bottle 3. soak in face mask or cotton pad

4 methods to choose form : texture, your lifestyle, your skin type, ingredients

What scent of fruit fragrance you choose in JURNESS fragranced nail polish can identify who you are.

Apply JURNESS Organic Lavender Water Essence boring and evening after face wash.

Daily massage for anti-wrinkle, v-shape and relaxing by JURNESS

Oxybenzone ,4-Methylbenzylid Camphor, Octinoxate, Butylparaben are chemical sunscreens that can destroy DNA of reef and reproduction system.

"That's because oxybenzone is considered an endocrine disruptor, which can have an adverse effect on development, reproductive, neurological, and immune systems," says Dr. Dardarian.

Where is this Bulgaria rose from? What is its characteristics? What is its benefits for skin? Let's go to see !!

You should look for " Dermatologically tested " logo on the product which means this product has been tested allergy on the volunteer skin at least 20 persons and checked by Dermatologist.

How to make up yourself for Chinese New Year in red dress

How to start Sustainable Beauty with JURNESS Lavender skincare from nature

JURNESS advertising on BTS Siam, BTS Asoke, BTS National Stadium skytrain station on November 2565

Let's go how to take care of your beautiful skin with JURNESS

Protect, Repair overall the body from within. Let's go to see how !!

Let's see how JURNESS water essence and JURNESS aromatherapy foundation powder help beautify your skin smoothly, with pimple coverage and water resistance function.

What is sustainable beauty ? How to make your beauty last as long as we can?

It is easier to massage your face with your routine facial foam, only if you use JURNESS Organic Lavender Creamy Wash.

Just a few minute to change glossy nail color to 3 D matte color by applying JURNESS 3D Matte nail color.

I rate 10/10 for JURNESS powder. JURNES powder is long lasting , good coverage and anti-sweat. When I have sweated , the powder is still the same , not flowed out with the sweat. This is the face powder I want. I really recommend JURNESS powder.

Tips to promote healthy nails : avoid biting your nails , avoid to soak nails with alcohol, eat good food, avoid low-grade alcohol hand gel or spray, apply moisturiser daily, and break from applying nail polish regularly at least 7 days a month.

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