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Fatty food, fried, bread with gluten, alcohol should be avoided for pimple-prone skin people.

Covids situation has changed our normal life to new normals that can make us lonely, feel bored or stressed and become phychologically sick at last.

Avoid the rain, Clean the face with JURNESS Organic Lavender Creamy Wash, Sleep enough, eat vegetable and fruits, and moisturize the skin with JURNESS Organic Lavender Water Essence

This happens because of the irritation of the mask material and too much humidity condition of the skin under the mask.

Irritated skin from air pollution : car , construction, fire especially chemical fire that have worsen everything.

1. Apply enough amount and thoroughly entire face and neck 2. Apply 20 minutes before sun exposure 3. Apply only water-resistant sunscreen SPF 50 + up

SPF is sun protection factor from UVB and P A is UVA protection factor.

Water spray, sponge and water-resistant foundation powder are key factors to make better coverage and smoothness.

Apply at the right place, the right time, and enough quantity.

Dry clean followed by wet cleaning is the answer to beautiful skin.

As the alcohol can be evaporized, so minimum 75 % alcohol for hand spray and gel is a must for Virus or Bacteria cleaner.

The good sponge is important that it must has the right flexibility and hole size.

Chemical sunscreen such as Avobenzone, Oxybenzone, Octocrylene, Homosalate, Octisalate, Octinoxate , can penetrate to blood stream and danger the body health. Better apply natural sunscreen from Titanium dioxide or zinc oxide which reflect the UV light instead of absorbing.

Apply JURNESS Organic Creamy Wash on make up and massage gently, then wipe off with water soaked cotton pad.

It makes the eyestrain and destroy the retina, and also destroy collagen and elastin in your skin.

Choose from the texture, our lifestyle, our skin problem, what the ingredients are

The reason we have pimples may be like : how clean we clean the face, Hormone, or stress.

Don't wash your face with water that is too hot or cold., Drink a lot of water. Hydrate your skin with water essence.

too often wash, no make up cleansing, wash with shower, wash with foam cleanser

SPF is the number to show how long we can expose to sunlight before the skin burn or turn red.

How to take care of your skin based on different skin type criteria. Normal skin, Oily skin, Dry skin, Combination skin, Sensitive skin.

I have got diabetes and sensitive skin. Whenever I make up, there will be a lot of pimples and acne on my face. When I apply JURNESS powder , it is different, no any allergy on the face. Moreover, the powder on the face is always bright , never become darkened during the day. The powder pigment has never been stuck into the wrinkled area on the face. JURNESS powder is really good that I can recommend.

Take care your sensitive skin , learn why you have sensitive skin , how to protect your sensitive skin starting from cleansing, moisturising, and make up.

I have been using JURNESS powder for 3 years that I have never changed my mind to other brands. JURNESS is the best powder I have ever used. Many people said my face is brighter and more radiant.

I applied JURNESS foundation powder when I joined the trail running TNF for 15 kilometres. No powder stain, very long lasting powder.

,Not oily, water resistant and help brighten the skin, the organic sunscreen that is worth for buying.

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